Honey has been described as the food of the gods and who are we to argue. It’s energy rich and full of flavour, enzymes, nutrients and small amounts of pollen which can boost your immune system. Honey has been eaten for centuries to fend off the worst of hayfever, although not scientifically proven, many honey eaters swear by their daily spoonful of the amber nectar to ward off hayfever.

Honey can be eaten raw or added to your tea or drizzled over your porridge or breakfast cerals. Honey doesn’t “go off” as it will naturally keep in a jar for years; it may granulate but it won’t spoil under normal conditions. The story goes that a 4000 year old jar of honey was found in the tomb of a Pharoah and was still edible after all that time.

We’ve been keeping Honeybees since 2011. We started with 2 hives and it was very much a hobby back then. We immediately got bitten by the bug and since then we’ve expanded to nearly 50 hives kept in 7 apiaries in North Herts and now as Beefarmers is our full time occupation. Our objectives for 2021 is to once again increase the number of hives we own and open up a number of new apiaries in South Bedfordshire.

All of our honey is from our own hives, so we have full traceablitiy of our bees and the honey they produce.

We sell our honey from our home and also from a number commerical outlets in Hertfordshire. Our address is available at the bottom of the page